Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Walk Through!!!

Our final walkthrough was yesterday and it went great. Our PM went through all of our warranty information and showed us what chemicals to use and not use on our tub and sinks. Also how to keep a nice luster on our slate fireplace. There were really only a few minor things that needed attention, a few wall and paint touch ups. The main things that aren't done are the shutters, they are still backordered from when RH switched siding companies, and the yard needs to be graded and hydroseeded. Our PM said the yard and seed will happen in about a week to week and a half. Not a real big deal, especially considering how wonderful our PM has been through this entire experience, he really helped make this a special process.

Also, our front steps and sidewalk were poured. It was our first time seeing them. I had spoken with the cement guy and asked him to extend our front step, it normally comes with one three foot step. I thought extending it would look better. As it turned out he put in 2 steps, both extended. The pic is below, I think it looks great...another way to distinguish our house from the rest of the street. And our storm door was installed, it's black and has oil rubbed bronze handle and kickplate to match the black front door.

And finally, the building process comes to and end, and the start to our new life in our first home begins. We are so excited that we built our first home and we think it is just perfect. We loved sharing our experience with you and reading about yours as well!!! And even though we close later today (YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!), we will definatley post more pics as are shutters are put up and as we paint and decorate in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck to the rest of you as well, we hope that your experience ends up as great as ours has.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash and Driveway

We stopped by the house today and our stove was being installed, the driveway was paved, and the kitchen backsplash was up (it just needs to be grouted now). It's looking great and we are so excited...less than a week to go. We love how its all coming together.

The small rectangle mosaic backsplash is not a RH selection. They agreed to install ours!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lots of Pics

We walked through the house tonight and it feels so much like our home now. The carpet and flooring are in...we took our shoes off at the front door and everything. It just felt cozier walking through the house without shoes, and of course Lilly loved running around. So here are the pics we took.

Siding is done but the shutters are on back order until next week, cutting it close to closing.

Front left, right, and center channel speakers of our in ceiling family room surround sound, and our ceiling fan.

Lilly running around the family room

The under the counter water filter faucet for the kitchen

Our fridge goes here

Love the island overhang, its not standard in the Milan but we special requested it. The gas stove goes in the space on the far wall

Love the open floorplan!!!

Kids/guest bathroom. Instead of double sinks we special ordered a linen cabinet for towels and what not.

Love it!!!

Upstairs hallway with carpet

Love the fact that both showers come standard with recessed lights

Hotpoint dishwasher. Knew it was supposed to be a GE, apparently GE makes Hotpoint. Not sure how good it is or isn't.

Our kitchen faucet, soap dispenser, nozzle, and water filter faucet

Kickplate that matches our cabinets inside the front door

Friday, June 10, 2011

Siding and More Pics

We went to the house today to sign our change order for our new siding, and to see the siding for the first time. Since changing where Ryan Homes purchases siding, they went ahead and ordered different siding for us that they claimed was similar to the one that we picked. You can be the judge. Kacki is what we had originally picked, now we have stone mountain clay. The stone mountain clay is is definately lighter in color though and has a little more grayish/stone look to it than the kacki. My wife and I both like it though, so I didn't put up a big stink, except for playing a small game with our sales man when we went to sign the change order. The siders said they will pretty much be done siding today, will just have a little to finish on Monday. (It's about time...yeah)

Stone mountain clay on left, Kacki on right.

Dinette light

Dining room chandelier. We love that its different than something you would get from Home Depot.

Carpet next to flooring

Semi-carpeted stairs

Tankless hot water heater

Kids closets. Full top shelf and partial bottom shelf. The bottom shelft is two feet shy from the wall on one side, so longer clothes can be hung from the top on that side

Both master closets are the same. On the wall you see when walking in there is a high and low shelf. On the two sides there is just a high shelf (for pants, suits, and longer stuff). And on the back left wall, a 4 stack of shelves for folded clothes. We left the back left wall closet will have ironing board, the other I'm going to arrange something for my suit ties. 

4 stack on back left wall

Lilly sitting on bottom shelf

Master vanity lights.

Upstairs laundry light

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flooring and Upstairs Lights

Our flooring is in and our carpet is supposed to be installed tomorrow. Our light fictures are installed upstairs, and the downstairs should be finished tomorrow. And our siding is finally in, there was a delay becuase they changed where they get the siding that should be up soon (Can't wait to see it and take pictures of that). Also our closet shelving is going to be installed tomorrow. Lot's going kind of has to with only 2 weeks before closing. Enjoy the pics.

Downstairs Flooring

Handrail. They stained it the same color as our dark cabinets. We love it!

Chandelier in Lilly's room.
Upstairs hallway

Ceiling fan in Master bedroom. Same fan is in two of the other bedrooms.

Fireplace. The mantle looks really nice.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Officially Have Our Closing Scheduled!!!

From the beginning we told Ryan Homes that there was 1 day that we could not close, Friday, June 24th. We will be out of town for my brother’s wedding. When we got our proposed closing day, I’m sure you can guess, it was for Friday, June 24th. We called them and told them that wouldn’t work, but they wouldn’t close sooner because the house wouldn’t be ready.

Well, I just got a call from our real estate lawyer and they agreed to do a courtesy closing…which means we close on Thursday, June 23rd at 4:00pm. The down side is that the bank will not be able to transfer the funds at that time, nor will the documents be recorded until Friday…which means we don’t get the keys until we get back into town from the wedding. So good and bad news, we get to semi-close before we leave, but we will have to wait until we get back to actually go into our new home.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. We took Lilly to the park and she enjoyed her first time on the swings!!!