Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flooring and Upstairs Lights

Our flooring is in and our carpet is supposed to be installed tomorrow. Our light fictures are installed upstairs, and the downstairs should be finished tomorrow. And our siding is finally in, there was a delay becuase they changed where they get the siding that should be up soon (Can't wait to see it and take pictures of that). Also our closet shelving is going to be installed tomorrow. Lot's going kind of has to with only 2 weeks before closing. Enjoy the pics.

Downstairs Flooring

Handrail. They stained it the same color as our dark cabinets. We love it!

Chandelier in Lilly's room.
Upstairs hallway

Ceiling fan in Master bedroom. Same fan is in two of the other bedrooms.

Fireplace. The mantle looks really nice.


  1. Wow...everything looks great. We are supposed to break ground next week and just got notified that we have to repick our siding color. Apparently they have changed siding suppliers and Taupe is not longer one of the colors.

  2. I love the handrail! =) We asked to match it as closely as possible to the flooring we have.

    I love Lily's light! Was that an option from Ryan?

    Everything is looking great!

    BD: That's stinks! I'm so sorry! Let us all know what happens!

  3. OMG LOVE the mantle!! Looks beautiful!! Love the dark wood railing too!!

    And Lilly's that you or RH? OMG Its beautiful!

  4. The chandelier and ceiling fans are ours, as is our dining chandelier, dinette light, and the dome lights. We were not a fan of RH's light selections and we worked it out with them for them to install the lights that we purchased. One less thing for us to do after we move in!

    BD: That happened to us as well. We got a call from our sales man yesterday and we have to sign a change order becuase Kacki is not a color that the new siding person carries. They said they went ahead and ordered us the new carriers closest version to kacki. I trust our PM, so hopefully we can't tell the differece.

  5. I didn't know you could it work out with Ryan to do that!! AWESOME!!

    You're ahead of me, but our siding was suppose to start this weekend. Now I'm worried about this whole siding issue. I sent emails out last night.

    GL with picking new siding

  6. I'm surprised you siding wasn't put up yet!! You have flooring and lights, and no siding yet? Can't wait to see the pics once it goes up!

  7. Noey, I know. We have been anxiously waiting for our siding to go up for some time. A few weeks ago we were the next up for siding, but for some reason our siding didn't come in and and a few other houses it did, so theirs went up first. And now they are getting their siding from someone else, hopefully the color they switched Kacki to is pretty close. The siding was delivered yesterday, so we'll see this afternoon when we go to sign the change order. I will be posting pics as soon as it is up, I know you are waiting to see as well.

  8. Pics look beautiful! Loving it. Bet you cannot wait once the carpets are in. 2 more weeks left! :)

  9. oooh, I love the chandelier in Lilly's room! We must have just missed the cut off for the siding with the new company, ours was completed last week. I'm glad about that, I can't take another decision in this process!