Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Walk Through!!!

Our final walkthrough was yesterday and it went great. Our PM went through all of our warranty information and showed us what chemicals to use and not use on our tub and sinks. Also how to keep a nice luster on our slate fireplace. There were really only a few minor things that needed attention, a few wall and paint touch ups. The main things that aren't done are the shutters, they are still backordered from when RH switched siding companies, and the yard needs to be graded and hydroseeded. Our PM said the yard and seed will happen in about a week to week and a half. Not a real big deal, especially considering how wonderful our PM has been through this entire experience, he really helped make this a special process.

Also, our front steps and sidewalk were poured. It was our first time seeing them. I had spoken with the cement guy and asked him to extend our front step, it normally comes with one three foot step. I thought extending it would look better. As it turned out he put in 2 steps, both extended. The pic is below, I think it looks great...another way to distinguish our house from the rest of the street. And our storm door was installed, it's black and has oil rubbed bronze handle and kickplate to match the black front door.

And finally, the building process comes to and end, and the start to our new life in our first home begins. We are so excited that we built our first home and we think it is just perfect. We loved sharing our experience with you and reading about yours as well!!! And even though we close later today (YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!), we will definatley post more pics as are shutters are put up and as we paint and decorate in the upcoming weeks. Best of luck to the rest of you as well, we hope that your experience ends up as great as ours has.


  1. Congratulations on closing today! Hopefully these storms clear up soon so you can start moving in! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the final product and things decorated.

  2. Congrats on closing! I am so happy for you and your family! Your porch looks nice! Enjoy your home and thanks for sharing!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you!! GL moving!

  4. Congrats to the renovation. I have question, why is that the door steps there were curved and not straight rectangle just like most of door walk through.?
    Etched Glass

  5. All of the walkways on our street are curved. Ours is slightly different in that we had our steps and walkway extended all the way to the driveway. If ours was to match everyone elses, you would have to remove the extended portion on the right side of the bottom step to match the one above it, and remove roughly the same amount on the left side of both the bottom step and the one above it, and then make the walkway width to match the width of the steps and the walkway would then curve evenly to the driveway.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

  6. Great blog, pictures etc.. We just started the process on building a Milan and have a question.. Having a two zone heat/ac was always a firm requirement for me in any house since a 1 zone can be miserable. The milan is one zone but I have to 'assume' this is ok in a new energy efficient home.. so my question, you have been in the house for a while now, any issues just having 1 AC/Heat zone?