Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitchen Backsplash and Driveway

We stopped by the house today and our stove was being installed, the driveway was paved, and the kitchen backsplash was up (it just needs to be grouted now). It's looking great and we are so excited...less than a week to go. We love how its all coming together.

The small rectangle mosaic backsplash is not a RH selection. They agreed to install ours!!!


  1. The backsplash looks nice!! =) Nice pics! I don't think I'll get use to seeing black driveways. lol NICE!!! Love your door too!

  2. I agree with Noey that the backsplash looks great, but I have a question about the sink...there seems to be more gagets there then I could possible figure out what to do 1 is a soap dispenser, 2 is a sprayer, 3 (big one in middle) is I think the main faucet, but what is the one on the left side? We are trying to wrangle Ryan Homes into doing a custom counter top pot filler right next to our will require 2 cabinets to be changed, the pot filler faucet, a water rough in, and another hole in the granite...we will see...waiting on an answer on that one...

  3. Beautiful backsplash wished we could have added that to our options but was overwhelmed with everything and it slipped my mind. Only a few more days then you get to move into yours.

  4. BD, the faucet on the far left is a water filter faucet. They installed an under the counter water filter, and the far left faucet is for filtered water. That way we don't need some obtrusive thing on the faucet itself for filtered water.

  5. Thanks for the answer...didn't even think of filtered water...after I posted I thought maybe it was one of those instant hot water faucets.

  6. Your backsplash is beautiful! DId they charge you to instal your own backsplash? DId you ask your PM or sales rep to do this? I really would like to ask them to install a backsplash that we choose. I hope they will do it... fingers crossed

  7. It is so pretty!! I'm with Chelly, I'd love to get it installed too! Did you ask the contractor? I have no idea how much something like that would cost, but it's worth looking into

  8. Hello! I was so happy to find your blog as we are interested in building in the same development (lot #17). What has been your experience now that you have been in the home and neighborhood a little while? We wonder if the houses are too close together and if the yards are too small. Do you find this to be a problem? Also, how has the workmanship of the builders held up so far? We would appreciate your thoughts and advice.
    Thank you! Michelle

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Glad to hear that you are interested in building on our street. We love it here!!!

    Two of our initial concerns were the same as yours. Originally we wanted a very large yard, but decided that it would be better to be closer to other kids for our daughter’s sake…and between the yard (granted it’s not massive) and the cul-de-sac; there are plenty of places for the kids to run around. Another nice thing is the yard work is very manageable.

    As for the houses being close together, we don’t seem to notice too much. Our neighbors on the street are mostly very friendly. Most couples have kids (the majority of which are younger, but there are a few sitters on the street which is nice) and many have dogs. On any given night during the warmer months, there are plenty of people taking walks, which can turn into a little block party between the kids playing and the adults talking.

    There is nothing negative I can say about the building process. Our project manager was awesome. He did everything he could to accommodate any requests we had and he kept us informed through the whole process. There is a different project manager on the street now, but I have dealt with him a few times, and he seems to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with as well.

    The crews that Ryan Homes uses do an excellent job. My Uncle is a house inspector and has been in construction his whole life. He inspected the house numerous times, and every time he had nothing negative to say, and walked away impressed. This is the first project that he didn’t find at least 1 thing that needed correcting.

    As will any new build, there will be some things that need attention after moving in (nail pops and some drywall that needs to be fixed, but that’s just from the house settling, and is expected). After your 30 day inspection, which is done by the project manager, there is an online service center to report any issue that needs attention. While we haven’t had to use that much (which is a good thing), the few times we did, they were very prompt and did an excellent job fixing whatever needed attention.

    Overall, we couldn’t be happier. It was a smooth process and we love our new home. There is a nice cozy feel to our street. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask…we would be more the happy to help in any way we could. And if you’re looking at lot 17, the owners of 15 are very nice. We have made friends with them, as we have with many of the neighbors.

    What model are you thinking of building?