Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lots of Pics

We walked through the house tonight and it feels so much like our home now. The carpet and flooring are in...we took our shoes off at the front door and everything. It just felt cozier walking through the house without shoes, and of course Lilly loved running around. So here are the pics we took.

Siding is done but the shutters are on back order until next week, cutting it close to closing.

Front left, right, and center channel speakers of our in ceiling family room surround sound, and our ceiling fan.

Lilly running around the family room

The under the counter water filter faucet for the kitchen

Our fridge goes here

Love the island overhang, its not standard in the Milan but we special requested it. The gas stove goes in the space on the far wall

Love the open floorplan!!!

Kids/guest bathroom. Instead of double sinks we special ordered a linen cabinet for towels and what not.

Love it!!!

Upstairs hallway with carpet

Love the fact that both showers come standard with recessed lights

Hotpoint dishwasher. Knew it was supposed to be a GE, apparently GE makes Hotpoint. Not sure how good it is or isn't.

Our kitchen faucet, soap dispenser, nozzle, and water filter faucet

Kickplate that matches our cabinets inside the front door


  1. Your house is soooooo beautiful!!! =) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I'm so happy for you!! Lilly looks so happy too! She is so adorable! I love your options and colors! It makes me so excited to see what ours will be like.

    I bet ya'll can't wait to move in!! It's so exiting! And everything looks so good!

  2. I love the color of your cabinets it really does look nice. I had no idea that you could request to have extra cabinets in the kids bathroom. I wished I had known about that so we could have done the same. Oh well but hey it looks GREAT! You are so lucky that your had your ceiling fans installed. I have requested Ryan homes to do that but for some reason they said that it is forbidden for them to install it so I am assuming they are not allowed to do it in our area. Boo. Pictures look great.

  3. It all looks fantastic...I think I have been saying that on many blogs tonight. I LOVE the tall vertical cabinet in the bathroom.

  4. The house looks great! I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE the linen cabinet!!! I did not know you could request that because we also would have done the same then.

    @ Stephaine my PM told us Home Depot and Lowes carry the same cabinets made by the same company but just under a different name down here. You may want to check to see if that is also the case in your area.

  5. Wow this looks great! I love the linen closet - you guys were so smart with your special requests! Love the island over hang, too. That faucet looks interesting!