Friday, June 10, 2011

Siding and More Pics

We went to the house today to sign our change order for our new siding, and to see the siding for the first time. Since changing where Ryan Homes purchases siding, they went ahead and ordered different siding for us that they claimed was similar to the one that we picked. You can be the judge. Kacki is what we had originally picked, now we have stone mountain clay. The stone mountain clay is is definately lighter in color though and has a little more grayish/stone look to it than the kacki. My wife and I both like it though, so I didn't put up a big stink, except for playing a small game with our sales man when we went to sign the change order. The siders said they will pretty much be done siding today, will just have a little to finish on Monday. (It's about time...yeah)

Stone mountain clay on left, Kacki on right.

Dinette light

Dining room chandelier. We love that its different than something you would get from Home Depot.

Carpet next to flooring

Semi-carpeted stairs

Tankless hot water heater

Kids closets. Full top shelf and partial bottom shelf. The bottom shelft is two feet shy from the wall on one side, so longer clothes can be hung from the top on that side

Both master closets are the same. On the wall you see when walking in there is a high and low shelf. On the two sides there is just a high shelf (for pants, suits, and longer stuff). And on the back left wall, a 4 stack of shelves for folded clothes. We left the back left wall closet will have ironing board, the other I'm going to arrange something for my suit ties. 

4 stack on back left wall

Lilly sitting on bottom shelf

Master vanity lights.

Upstairs laundry light


  1. Love the pic of Lily she looks so happy! Your siding color looks great by the way. I especially like your dining room light it looks stunning! Not too much longer before you will move into your new home.

  2. LOVE your siding! I think it looks great!! And the inside is really coming along! Lily looks so cute!!

  3. Cute picture of your daughter, she looks pretty happy about her new home! :) I really like the the siding color, but definitely agree it is quite different from the original color when compared side by side.

  4. ok...How did you get that light in your laundry room? I have the ugly one that's above our sink mounted in ours (that ugly round thing).

  5. master vanity lights are the same, but mounted so the lights face down, shining the light onto the vanity area. Are your's upside down?