Friday, May 6, 2011

Pre-Drywall Meeting Set

We scheduled our pre-drywall meeting today for Wednesday of next week and our inspector (my uncle) will be there as well to do his inspection at the same time. That way he will be able to ask more detailed questions and understand any info that might be a little over our head. He also advised, as I have seen on other blogs, to bring our camera to take lots and lots of pictures of where everything is.

Also, we drove by the house today and the house next to us that didn't have a sold sign, basement has been dug. Hopefully we have nice neighbors!


  1. Fingers crossed on the neighbors! I pray all my new neighbors will be NORMAL!!! lol

    Let us know how the meeting goes!! =)

  2. Looks like we will have our pre dry wall meeting on the same day! Pretty cool huh. I cannot wait to see the inside of our new home and I am sure you are feeling the same. :)

  3. Dropping by to wish you luck at your pre-drywall tomorrow!