Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Had Our Pre-Drywall Today!!!

I just got back from our pre-drywall meeting with our project manager and our inspector and it went great. Our inspector was extremely pleased with the work…he didn’t see any shortcuts taken. In fact, in most cases our project manager had well exceeded the norm for doing things. For example, they sprayed foam insulation around duct work and electrical, creating a higher R value, which to me means lower energy bill!!!

And he loved how the spring in the garage door was enclosed (it will now last longer). Our inspector said this is a brand new thing that he has not seen in many houses.   

The spring is in the bar above the garage door

Also, all the electrical was stapled to the joists nice and neatly…including my speaker wire for the surround sound in the family room and two additional speakers (1 in living room and 1 in dining room)…will be great for entertaining.

And while we were leaving, the framer was there adding blocking to make mounting the tv above the fireplace...another thing our project manager said he would take care of for us.

The black tube is the future tube above the cords can run to the tv and be hidden behind the walls.

Our insulation is going to be put in tomorrow and then drywall starts. I can’t wait to see how the house transforms next excited!!!


  1. Wow! What a great report! And love the pics!!

  2. Pretty exciting huh! We both are going through the same thing with our pre-dry wall meetings. I also loved looking at the ceiling fan rough ins and lighting fixtures its so cool to see where they will be. Our house for sure will have a big transformation next week from wood to insulated walls. My husband took like 80 pictures lol I did not want to bore people I didnt put any up lol. Really, I was just overwhelmed with the many pictures and did not know where to start. Your pictures look great! Love the blocking part with the framer putting it up.

  3. Congrats on a great meeting! I'm so excited for you!