Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ryan Homes Made a Huge Mistake!!!

First off, I have to share an experience similar to a fellow blogger. My wife and I pulled up to our house to find two individuals, what appeared to be a slightly older couple, opening our garage door (that was shut) and walking into our house. Agreed that people walk through new construction all the time and we’re not overly worried, but it was strange to see it happen in front of our eyes. Especially considering it’s wasn't just the frame that was up. The garage door was shut! Not to mention, it turns out they don’t even live on our street. The live a few streets over. The women kept commenting that they’ve been through every house on our street and they liked our layout the best. (So do we, that’s why we picked it), but the guy was definitely embarrassed.

Anyways, we (my wife and I), then walked through our house. It’s coming along great. We didn’t take a ton of pictures because it was getting dark. Onto the story…

When deciding on upgrades for the house there was one that we really wanted to include but decided to cut it. You have to some where. It was the Jacuzzi tub. We did special order a 6 foot tub so I could fit, but the $1600.00 upgrade for jets, motor, and pump seemed a little steep. It was one of those wants more than a necessity, but we still almost added it up to the last second and the justification wasn’t all that hard, having been rear ended in a car accident recently and hurting my back, thought it would be really nice. But we stuck to our guns and just kept a basic 6 foot tub. By the way, the tub is not only a foot longer, it is also wider. Yeah.

So when seeing the tub for the first time, in the dark, I noticed there were jet nozzles around the tub. This upset me. Thinking back, when we were quoted for the 6 foot tub we WERE going to get the jets. So it makes sense that they quoted us for a tub with the jets, and the $1600.00 upgrade would be for the installation of the motor and pump and what not. Well seeing the jets I couldn’t help but think, you have to be kidding me. How obtrusive do jets look in a huge tub unless they are hooked up to a motor. It seems more like a hassle with water going in the holes and potential mold issues not having water actually run through them. I figured they would have ordered a regular 6 foot tub without the jets. So today I got on the phone and called our project manager (I know I’ve said this before, but it deserves being said again, our PM rocks!!!)

To make the rest of the story short (sorry, I know I’m past that), he said his paper work showed a tub with jets (thinking back this makes sense), so he had the motor and pump all installed for us and didn’t think twice about it. That’s right, WE NOW HAVE A 6 FOOT JACUZZI TUB!!! And the best part about it is, WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!! Ryan Homes makes a huge mistake in our favor…yeah us and our PM!!! Even when it doesn’t always feel like, our angels are really looking out for us!!! Our PM said he double checked with the electrician or whoever ran everything for the motor and they said they have already been paid by Ryan Homes for the job. So whats done is done. Free upgrade, NO COMPLAINTS HERE!!!

On another small note, our countertops were in our garage…can’t wait to see them installed with our cabinets, rugs, and everything else.   


  1. Hello, future neighbors! My fiancee and I are building right up the road from you (number 9). I have a feeling the houses get walked through a little more than they should in our soon-to-be neighborhood. The other evening, my fiancee and I were taking a walk through our place and noticed that there was pencil writing on the walls and drawings and such --probably some kids thinking about how awesome they are.

    Anyway, called the PM and inquired about when I could expect the locks to be on more for my fiancee's piece of mind than my own, and he informed me they would be on yesterday (Wednesday). We took a ride out to take another look at the house tonight and the deadbolt was installed... but the door was wide open. Defeats the purpose IMO.

    We agree that the PM is doing a great job, or at least as is possible. Congratulations on the tub! We are seriously jealous of that one as it is something we considered as well. I'm not a bath person myself but the lady does enjoy a good soak now and again.

    Hope to meet you soon!

  2. Sweet a free jacuzzi tub very very nice! I would love a free upgrade anywhere in my house I don't care lol. Cannot wait to see pictures of the countertops installed!

    I cannot belive they actually opened your garage door with it being shut! I am soo appalled! They should have known better. People nowadays it seems they have no respect. Sigh, sorry to hear about this incident. I wonder what steps can be taken to ensure that nobody else can get in the garage.

    Once the countertops are in be sure to take lots of photos!

  3. LOVE those kind of mistakes!

  4. WOOT WOOT!!!! Free awesome upgrade!! That rocks!! =)

    I know what you mean about making some sacrifices (in the beginning of the story). We upgraded our bath to the Alt. bath. But we are getting those standard 6X6 tile white. We chose not to upgrade the tile or put accents in. When I see others doing it, I sigh a little. That is were we skimped.

    I love that this worked out for you!! You got to love that! Congrats on the great tub!! Kinda jealous! lol

    As far as nosey neighbors.... I expect people to walk through the home. But once it has doors and a garage door, and the garage door is down, I'll call the cops on you a$$. I'll find out if your trespassing. I may not own the property yet, but I'm the future owner, and I can't imagine Ryan condoning people breaking into the homes like that. I'll cause trouble. I don't care who are. I'm a big ole' "B" like that. =/

    Can't wait to see the photos of the cabinets! =)

  5. Hello CakeTech! Can't wait to meet you guys. It's neat that someone from our street is following our blog. We are excited to move into our new house as well as meet our neighbors. The only person we know from our street might be your direct neighbors, either 11 or 13 I believe, somewhere over their. It's a Venice and they just closed. He is my wife's co-worker...didn't realize that until right before contract. Wish you the best and hopefully lock's are up soon!

  6. SMH @ the nosey neighbors. Congrats on the tub mistake!

  7. I think we have the same counter tops. Is that Butter rum? What cabinets did you get?

  8. The countertops are Jamoca Granite and the cabinets are Cherry Bordeoux.

  9. That's the best mistake EVER! Lol at the nosy neighbors! How deep red was his face LOL when you caught them!

  10. I hope Ryan makes a big mistake on our house too if it is like that one. :) That's so great!

  11. Holy crap...that is a great mistake!!!! Looks like everything is moving along ... and before you know it you will be moving in. Thanks for letting us follow your journey.