Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our First Inspection

As excited as we are to be building our first home, we are even more excited as to how good of a job they are doing. We had our first inspection on Friday and he was very pleased with the work thus far. Hooray for us!!!

It's also not a bad thing that my Uncle is a home inspector and has been in construction for over 30 years (I trust him more than anyone when it comes to this stuff). If anyone is need of an inspector in the Central New York Region or even the Western New York Region, I couldn't recommend him enough. Here's his website:


  1. Nothing like qualified family to come and check things out.

  2. WOOHOO! Pics look great! I'm so excited to see your house being built!

    My husband's uncle build's custom homes and has for several decades. We are hoping he will accompany us on a few inspections and trips to the house too. YAY FOR FAMILY IN THE BIZ!

  3. Nice!!!!!!!! Family is a big plus when able to have connections. Looks like everything is smooth sailing so far :)